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Saturday, February 18, 2012
Some times...and only some times, I am able to see the beauty of the world, I can notice people being nice to each other, helping each other, being brave, defending a cause, saying the truth..and in those very few moments I believe there is still good in the world, I have little faith in humanity restored.

BUT then, I see everything else.. the ugly people and the awful things they do...
THEN I start working at a job like mine, where employees say the ugliest words I have ever heard to each other, where they have respect for no one not even God.. the moment one of them turns her back the gossip bursts... and when she comes they treat her so freakin' nicely! it is so disgusting that it makes me physically sick at the end of the day....and THEN I lose every last bit of faith.

I am not perfect, I gossip sometimes, and sometimes I call people dumb or silly...but I can never say the words they say...I can never disrespect God... I can never be so nice to someone I don't like, it's just beyond me how those people think!

There is a tiny part of me, and it's atom-tiny, that is glad that I have seen how people can be like, or how jobs can be like, because I do not exaggerate when I say I have NEVER thought it would be this low.

I am finishing this month but I guess I will be leaving after, but I'm truly tired, physically and mentally, and just wish I never left my old job.

Wish me luck, have a nice evening.


نيسان said...

i won't tell you that i'm surprised nor i will say welcome to real life!
all i can say is am
so sorry to hear this :(

abuelsharif said...

Well, not job is perfect - except video games tester - but as you said, every job gives us a perspective of people and work environments...
people will always be people, and you will be surprised of the bottomless attitudes and habits you will find, gossip is much better than somebody waiting you to make an error to - yroo7 yeften 3aleek -

Aseel said...

Rain, you will face such people sooner or later. Better know what they are like now so that you know how to deal with them later.

never think that everyone else thinks and acts like you or have the same code of ethics that you have. We were created as individuals.

It's completely up to you to quit your job and don't feel sad about it. It took me a whole year hopping between jobs before i found a job I could stick to for two whole years :) cheer up inshaAllah the best is yet to come

Rain said...

Thanks that really means a lot to me 7beebty :)

lesh meen 2al ino ma fi asafeen? :)
LOL @ game tester

I know you're probably right, I still don't know what to do.. :( wish me luck
and thanks sweetie :*