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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Friday, March 23, 2012
I love photography, I do.. but I'm not pretending to be a photographer and I'm not acting as if I'm a professional one, I'm just having fun with my little camera and my primitive Photoshop skills, so you don't have to be all worked up about me posting some photos on Facebook cause I'm leaving all the hard work for the real photographers :)


Um Ommar said...

تزكرت إني رنيت إنبارح ع صاحبتي اجاكرها إني طاشه, إلا هيه طالعه رحله مع جمعية التصوير

طب منتي معندكيش كام
قال,معلش, بحب أتفرج عليهم

LUNAR. said...


ليش يعني اقل منها تتعلمي تصوير وتصير محترفة؟

Rain said...

Um Omar
That's the spirit looool

Abu Zaina
wallah ya abu zaina ana el manual mode ya doobny asta3melo fi 7alat naderah :P it wouldn't be fair y3ny

bs I'm on my way to learn it inshallah, wish me luck :)