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Sunday, April 22, 2012
Yesterday I watched The Lorax, and in the occasion of Earth Day I will talk about it a little.
The animation is cute and colorful, the music is lovely, the characters are hilarious..but most importantly, the story is quite amazing! it talks about a future world where trees are no longer cared for, and people buy clear air in bottles because of that.. until someone who cares enough comes along and plants the very last seed on Earth.
If you think about it it is not such a far imaginary thought, people nowadays care about their cellphones more than their children let alone trees... everywhere I go I see people throwing their garbage anywhere not giving one though to how much it will take the environment to dissolve it. People are selfish and cruel, they do not know that every paper they throw, every cigarette they smoke, and every tree they cut hurts the Earth..

So if you're one of those people I see leaving their paper cups on the floor or putting off their cigarettes on trees then just stop for a minute and think.. would it hurt you to save the earth some trouble and put those things were they belong?



abuelsharif said...

Awal eishi zamaaaaaaaaaan 3annek rain!

tani eishi, yep that was a good movie, and this things are nearly happening in Gaza :P

Rain said...

So sad to hear that :(

I'm fine and miss you, keefak inta?