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Sunday, June 3, 2012
I might have mentioned before that my sisters, and even my friends used to make fun of me for being different. I am not claiming that I'm one in a million, I see myself as ordinary as any of my siblings, but I've always had a different way of thinking, different behaviors, and different taste. It used to make me so sad and lonely.
But now and after I've grown up, I am so happy to be the way I am, I love myself and everything about me even my flaws. I have realized that people love me the way I am, and if I was something else I would not have met and loved the most precious people to my heart. I am happy with myself :)


Devil's Mind said...

Love the message :)

Z. said...

it's better to be a coat of many colours, than a dull shade. though, being the "same," whatever that may entail, isn't necessarily dull. (:

Anonymous said...

Well at least you aren't black/brown in a country that most people are white .

Hana Ihjoul said...

sometimes being different could be better actually most the times mean that :)

Finalway said...

what the point of live if your not social , it's completely meaningless to be a copy or like other people , the should be special with his personality , and some flaws could be your special marks :)

Rain said...

Devil's Mind
Ahlan Zaid :)

V. True

I do not think you understood my point :)

Hana Ihjoul
I agree

Exactly :)

Anonymous said...

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