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Thursday, June 28, 2012
I watched this movie today and it was a total disappointment. Poor plot, no originality whatsoever, horrible performance by Kristen Stewart, not one single good line, not even one funny line to remember (I can't believe Snow White's speech to the people was that retarded).

No striking soundtracks or effects...nothing! it did not get me on the edge of my seat not even for a second because everything was incredibly predictable and cheesy, many details were lost and the things I anticipated as a viewer did not receive much attention. Even the costumes were ordinary, I think Snow White was wearing jeans in some scenes o.O

What else? oh, I hate this crap about the super beautiful-unbelievably delicate-oh my god all the deers and butterflies are standing next to me-chosen one-princess, it is just redundant and tacky..
I sympathized with the evil queen most of the time because unlike Snow White, she had a character.

I really don't understand why the movie's title included "huntsman," cause the huntsman was probably the shallowest most undeveloped character in the movie. I didn't even catch his name I kept calling him Thor the whole time.

That's it I guess, I should have watched the new Madagascar but these damn 3d glasses give me a headache, but if you don't have that problem go watch Madagascar..definitely.