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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
I hate all these photography pages on Facebook..most cheesy dull stuff I've ever seen! They represent everything I don't want in my photos
First there is the fake shot: you throw a rosary on the sand, or toss flowers on a table and bam! you take a close up shot and you post that on Facebook as if you freaking invented photography, honestly did you think that we would look at the photo and go "Oh my god! that is a woderful shot!! how was he able to snap that extraordinary photo without any previous plans!!" seriously?

Second there is the bimbo pose: you take a girl that looks like a bimbo, make her pose with her boobs or butt all over the photo and voila! you're a first-class Hollywood photographer!..ummm..no you're not

Third there are the slow shutter photos, personally I love slow shutter shots, but just the fact that u took a photo of water splashing around doesn't mean it is a masterpiece, I rarely ever see really good slow shutter shot

Black and White: I swear I used to love black and white photos until those so called photographers abused the hell out of them

I love vintage effects but only if they fit with the photo...Not every single photo of an old door should look vintage

Flowers: Stop taking blurry photos of ugly weeds and calling them photography

Stop taking cheesy shots and writing poetry and shit all over them

You took a photo of two bugs mating? seriously? and you're proudly posting it on Facebook? No comment.

I do not claim to be a great photographer, but at least when I post crappy photos I don't pretend I'm a freakin' professional!


EvaLuna said...

Heheh the photo of the bugs mating was so 5adeshe lal 7aya2 o lal jamal o lal 3yoon o ely beddek eyyah
ana bagollek: el 7okome bet7o66elna Vodka fe mayyet el 7anafyye