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Sunday, July 29, 2012
I've been anxious to read something amazing; something that would blow my mind away. Today I grabbed Ibrahim Nasrallah's "Taht Shams al-Duha," as I already read "Aminah's Weddings" (they are both published in the same book).
Anyway, I started reading, and you know how Ibrahim Nasrallah has this unique way of telling a story..he starts in the middle, confident that you will grasp the details slowly, letting you get to know the characters on your own...no explanation, no background to build on..he just gets to the point and draws the scene for you, allowing you to choose to love it..and that's beautiful, that's ingenious! but I am just not in the mood for it now, I need something that would take over my mind at the first line like when I read Evaluna or The Truce, as a reader I'm just not patient enough right now for Ibrahim Nasrallah.

So, I remembered this book that one of my American peer tutors told me about once, it's called The Diary of a Young Girl and it's about a Jewish girl who was trapped in her house with her family during the World War II when the Nazis were waging a genocide against the Jewish.
I'm extremely excited to read it, I have a feeling it's gonna make it to my list of favorites, but first I have to get it.
I will be coming back with a review after I read it inshallah.


Anonymous said...



Rain said...

Moody is that you?
I don't think our own suffering should keep us from seeing other people's pain ya sdeeqy, w iza fi 7ad fel denia met3a6ef m3 el adeiieh el flsteeneieh aktr minny hatly yah ;)

Haitham Jafar said...

seems an intrstin` 1!


never liked nasrAllah the novelist! The critique = yes. The poet = not fond of it.

I always stumble upon = his novels r the same! Kinda`
Good plot, yes but the theme is the recurring.