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Friday, August 10, 2012
I've been intending to watch this movie for like a million years, but every time it was there in front of me I wasn't in the mood for it, but today I was.

For a start, I had bigger expectations, not that it disappointed me, but I anticipated more feelings, more connection, and more music..you know since the movie is all about music!
I loved August's passionate character, which was well demonstrated throughout the film. I would have loved it though if he was less submitting to other characters and circumstances, and why did he change his name if he was waiting to be found by his parents? that was kind of dumb.
I thought it was a very good story, and I didn't mind the unrealistic plot of them connecting through music because after all that's the whole point. However, I kept thinking there is something missing..perhaps I wanted more detailed scenes and focus on the boy's character.

I loved the scene when he meets his father and they play together, and the scene when he learns to play the guitar on his own, and also the scene when his parents meet.

I know it would have been a cheesy end if he finds his mother and hugs her and they all live happily ever after, but it was necessary! that scene could not have been spared, at least in my opinion, and it was...That was like the most frustrating, disappointing way possible to end the movie...his parents just stood there after 11 years of not seeing him, or seeing each other! no one even bothered to tell his dad that he had a son.. seriously?

All in all, it was fun to watch, could have been better. Here is a soundtrack:


abuelsharif said...

it sound cheesy !
but god knows everything is better than the dictator !
Ramadan Kareem rain :)

Dino$ said...

havent seen this movie.. sounds cheesy to me as well :P

Rain said...

شريف كل عام وانت بألف خير يا رب

يعني مو هلقد شكلي ظلمتو الفلم!

Anonymous said...

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