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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Every time I see one of these so called "scientific discoveries" I feel an immense amount of rage an pity. Do those people just make up stuff and post them on Facebook? why?? and the worse is that people share them without considering how clearly fake they are.. Honestly WTF people? an idiot would see how dumb this is.. "Glands that melt the mother's teeth and bones"????? I think my IQ just dropped 10 points..

Please people take a second to think before you share this nonsense, especially that it is usually associated to religion, weakening its position and making it look backward.


Devil's Mind said...

Why do you even read those emails in the first place?! I usually don't read forwarded emails, especially when they sound stupid right from the subject.

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

المعنى صحيح للمعلومات المذكورة ولكن دون استخدام كلمة إذابة. في نساء مع كل بيبي بيفقدوا سن! وهشاشة العظام ما هي إلا دليل على ذلك أيضا.
صحيح في أشياء غلط عالنت بس مو كلها ف
take it easy.
and by the way it's not really cool for a girl like you to use (WTF)..

Rain said...

It was poster on FB actually

Actually, kollo ta5bees es2ali ay doctor :) w taneyan el sa2el el aminoosy msh mel7y kman
w taletan iza msh 3ajbek oslooby don't visit my blog w don't comment ana 7orrah :)