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Thursday, September 6, 2012
I love my job but my boss drives me crazy! He is the least organized person on the planet (I though that was me but what do you know!) he postpones things until the last minute and we get all worked up with a tight schedule! 
He keeps saying stuff like... I don't know how to describe it but it's definitely unprofessional! like he keeps trying to establish his authority but he does it in a mean way (although he's the nicest person ever!)

I know we're a new company with few employees but sometimes I miss having professionalism, organization (or anything close to it), institution culture, hierarchy, real work atmosphere....

Anyhoo I will be writing about the field I'm working in now; media monitoring..very interesting indeed

Nighty night dear blog!


Haitham Jafar said...

له له له

و عمو مستشار الإدارة و صاحب النظريات الثورية الأردنية اللي بيلاخم على زباين مثل هيك شو بيساوي!


بلا بانتظار تفاصيل أكثر

Rain said...

meen 3ammo sa7eb el nazareiiat mo fahmeh?

Haitham Jafar said...

*ضب الموس يا هيثم، له يا رجل ... خلي العقل منك!!! ؟*


حضرتي طبعًا!

قاهر الأشرار و بطل البراري الأردنية الإدارية!

أني كونسلطنط قد الدنيا!


بحفتل على شغل من شهر واحد حظرتي


Rain said...

3n jd??? you should totally testalem my boss he definitely needs that -_-

AseelRaheem said...

LOL!! Rain! welcome to the working class my dear :D 3adyyyy we all hate our bosses!! The way I managed to deal with: its his A$$ on the line not you so take it easy and just say you will do the best you could.. if you couldnt its his fault for the lousy time management.. just take things easy

on a side note: I recommend you download the most beloved show among workers all around the world called "The Office" the american version!!

you will realize that the manager in the show "Michael Scott" represents all terrible bosses in the world :)

Rain said...

I wanna watch that show so bad! 5ls hl2 banazlo