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Saturday, September 15, 2012
what is the point of producing this film mocking Islam? you don't believe in our religion  and don't think it makes sense..that is your opinion and you are free to believe whatever you want, but why do you find it necessary to disrespect us and mock our beliefs? why do you need to use this utterly disgusting and heinous ways to argue? you know.. those who mock others in an argument are almost always the ones with the weaker position, especially that the film simply makes up stuff and claims that they are related to Islam, and they are not.. here is a tip genius: making up stuff will not strengthen your argument, on the contrary, it demonstrates your ignorance and closed mentality, which are making you think you can win an argument by inventing bullshit.

I have seen parts of the film, and I think it is extremely bad... and with bad I don't mean evil..I mean poorly made, primitive effects an sort of retarded direction.. unrealistic argument based on mere assumptions and opinions not solid facts or evidence. But as we do with everything else us Muslims, we were too emotional about it, and acted irrationally.. we provided a piece-of-shit film directed by some extremist retard with enormous publicity, and I am pretty sure it would not have had any of the attention it did if it wasn't for our hasty reaction..

I can think of nothing but Omar al-Abdallaht's words "The greatest insult to our prophet is the fact that Muslim countries are third world countries, not productive ones"