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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
My sister once told me to never let people know how much I love them, I remember I laughed and felt sorry for her "how can you not tell people you love them," I thought, and decided I will be myself and express my emotions no matter what.

Now, however, I can see how much that advice could have come in handy for me. I feel that I was naive and too exposed. I think I underestimated something that could have saved me a lot of pain. But you never stop learning, and although I learned this one the hard way, I'm glad I did anyway, because life is anything but a fairy tale.


Saleh said...

You did the right thing. You may have selected the wrong person. Keep being yourself but be more careful.

EvaLuna said...

Being one's self is so overrated AND misleading to one's self.

Alia Makki said...

Our thoughts fortify and make real our feelings. Our words fortify our thoughts. Our writings fortify our words. Our writings ripple and change hundreds and thousands of people. You get where I'm going, no?

Remember how you felt when you expressed love to those people? You felt full and generous and sincere. One rarely feels vindictive or lashing when expressing love.

And, the nature of life's ups and downs, soon the moment will pass. One way or another, either you stop loving that person, or you catch a flu or winter comes, the moment will pass.

But that one moment of Summer, one happy feeling shared, one happy thought spoken, one kiss (or four!) exchanged and validated, could last us through the frostiest Winter. Because, if a bad deed boomerangs once or in threefold, good deeds returns to us in endless folds when we need it most. (Not when we want it to.)


Finalway said...

Every day we learn something new, but unfortunately there lessons is not free you have to charge for it, whether by money, dignity or even from your self...

The stupidity is to re do the same stupid thing over and over,

By the way I’m so good with last thing ...


Rain said...

I don't think I can change after all anyway! thanks!



m3lesh bne5ta2 bs enshallah bil a5eer bnet3allam :)