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Monday, November 12, 2012
So here is my current book wish list, just in case anyone around wants to get me a gift in the future... just saying :P

باب الشمس-إلياس خوري
الهدنة-ماريو بينيديتي
سأكون بين اللوز-حسين برغوثي


Anonymous said...

The 1984 book of GO is just awesome!

Regarding the 'A Million Little Pieces", I remember once the author once was accused in an Opra Winfrey episode of lying and faking alot of the events in the book...


Swan Lake

Haitham Jafar said...

I was gonna send yr way some links but I recalled u r a paper-mostly person ;)

Good list,
I don`t know the last one though
heard of the title but never read/seen it or anything else by that author

Rain said...

Swan Lake,
To be honest I don't care about this stuff, I don't know where I once heard that writing is basically lying and I do believe in that, actually I like that :)
Thanks :)


hada l2ennak msh paper person :) eqra2o w u will thank me later

Haitham Jafar said...

Thx :)

it`s on a sorta` longish waiting list though!

but me downloading now

Anonymous said...


In a sense, you are right...

But lying in an autobio, and presenting it to people as an inspiring true experience, well, this is not exactly what I would accept lies in :-)

Anyway, you might feel it is Ok, its up to you!

But I prefer to keep an eye on credibility... let those who wish to lie fantasize as they wish, but I always prefer that they present their works as NOVELS, stories of mere fiction...

Swan Lake