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Sunday, December 30, 2012
Holy crap.. I'm engaged 0_O
Tuesday, December 11, 2012
I know everyone will probably think this is gross and weird, but I really wanna talk about it cause I want everyone who is going through the same problem to benefit from my experience. I have suffered from constipation for almost nine months and it was one of the most painful, disturbing, irritating, and distressing things I've ever experienced, I'd not go to the bathroom for days and some times up to a week, I developed anal disorders including chronic fissures and hemorrhoids. So here are the things I learned about it:
- Never be too conscious about how often you go to the bathroom, worrying will only make you nervous and in turn increase the chances of getting constipated.
- Never postpone it. Some people can't go in public places for example but my advice is that if you have to just go, cause otherwise you will definitely get constipated, and then you will get stuck in a vicious circle: you're afraid it will hurt so you don't go so the constipation gets worse so your pain gets worse and you're afraid to go again..etc.
- Never ever ever ever strain, do not let yourself strain because you will eventually get anal disorders and I'm telling you it will not be pleasant.
- Watch your fiber intake but don't let it be an obsession, don't worry too much because stress is not your friend
- Try to walk as much as you can.. walk to all the places you are used to drive to, walking works like a charm!
- Fluids, yogurt, fruits are all great but they didn't stop the problem for me. Eventually I resorted to fiber supplements sold at drug stores such as Fybogel to regulate my bowel movement. It really helped a lot and had no side effects whatsoever unlike laxatives which I do not recommend at all. If you feel like you've tried everything like me you can use it for a while.
- I think I got better in time because I started eating more. I wouldn't call myself a picky eater but I definitely could eat more, so if you feel that you don't eat enough some times that is the reason believe it or not.
- Now in case you do develop anal disorders the solution begins from the cause which is clearly constipation, although there are also medicines that can help sooth the pain and make it better, but the solution is always to get rid of constipation once and for all.

Saturday, December 8, 2012
So every time I go to one I remember how much I hate weddings all over again. Yesterday we went to wedding cause my mom and dad made us, I don't wanna complain about the usual stuff cause everyone knows them, but I just wanna rant about stuff like smelly women in ugly dresses pushing you aside so rudely to pass.. you could simply tell me to move bitch!! oh and how about the people who decide to fill your ear with moist and almost hug you when they wanna tell you something! I can hear you just fine when you're outside my personal space! and who says I'm interested in hearing what you have to say anyway? 
Yesterday a relative dragged me (yes dragged me) to the dance floor, which by the way was filled with disgusting steam kind of thing that gave me a nasty coughing fit, and don't get me started on the lighting, I almost had an epilepsy seizure! So after dragging me there in the middle of sweaty jiggly women, she started dancing, I just stood there and asked her if she wanted me to hold her jacket, but she was like "no but can you watch my daughter"!! so I was like hold your horses lady I was just offering to watch clothes not human beings!:/ 
Could people possibly stop throwing their drooling babies on me telling me how cute they are? I'm pretty sure I can appreciate their cuteness from afar!
I'm so mean for saying all of this aren't I? I know but I can't help it! weddings are horrible horrible places that make me just wanna go into a coma!! they also make me wonder how on earth I'll ever be a bride myself! don't wanna picture that, that's for sure! :(
Oh and did I mention that the bride was 15 years old? yup fifteen, five + ten= fifteen  what the hell?! I swear to god I felt like calling social service or something! oh my god when I was fifteen I played with dolls and  watched cartoons, and all I ever cared about was candy and Agatha Christie novels. I just don't get how sane parents could do such thing to their daughter.. it just amazes me!
I hate weddings, I never even wanna go to my own wedding!

PS I laughed my head off at the picture above!
Monday, December 3, 2012
I wanna write about like a million things so I'm just gonna say stuff randomly..
- You know what I love? fancy women stuttering in their heels and wearing too much perfume and makeup, looking at my sneakers with irritation and pronouncing words with extra delicateness, they only know three words in English and they keep repeating them to look cool.. What is so funny though is that they don't even wash their hands, let alone flush, after going to the bathroom.. so cool, right?

- Now this should have probably come first but I don't really know what to say about it, a new era of my life has begun! I am jumping into my new life with everything I've got: excitement, love, fear, passion, and hope.

- It is really funny that people think I exaggerate when I say that we have reached the bottom, when someone like dr Rula Qawas gets fired for that video.. doesn't that give you a clue?! is it really okay to say those words on the street but not on a video?! I'm really glad I never found out what dr Amjad Qursha said about this, I mean I never really liked the guy so it wouldn't be much of a disappointment, but I'd just rather not know.

- I know that the natural reaction for me should be to hate certain people, but they end up just making me feel sorry for hem, do you have any idea how sad, exhausting, and pointless it is to try to impress others and prove yourself to them ALL the time even if it means that you pretend to be someone else? I hope you realize this before you reach a point where you do not recognize who you are anymore.

- I haven't been taking photos and this makes me sad, but I think my camera is the problem, it is just not enough for me anymore!

- I don't know how some people just simply decide to be translators, okay, forget about cultures and general knowledge I'll let those slide.. but when you don't even know proper grammar that is just a joke!

- I'm watching Friends all over again and it is just making me realize how unfunny and unoriginal How I Met Your Mother is!

- I hate to give an advice to people who didn't ask for it but what the hell Egypt? let the guy do something and then you can judge him! I am really not trying to defend him but I really don't think a dictator would try to protect bodies that are elected by people, I think he should be given the chance to do what he thinks is the best for his people and then you can say he sucks. On the other hand, what really irritates me is people who try to idolize him.. you went all the way to topple your dictatorship and have a fairly elected president and you still suck up! come on!

- I want new movieeeeeeees I want all the movies on my to watch list! I'm starting a download party next weekend enshallah! who wants to join me? :)

- I heart my new dress, can't stop looking at it and I wanna wear it the whole time hehehe, I'll post a picture soon

- What do you think about Palestine becoming a non-member state? I personally think it is pointless but I don't know, any thoughts?

- Here is a song