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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
I know everyone will probably think this is gross and weird, but I really wanna talk about it cause I want everyone who is going through the same problem to benefit from my experience. I have suffered from constipation for almost nine months and it was one of the most painful, disturbing, irritating, and distressing things I've ever experienced, I'd not go to the bathroom for days and some times up to a week, I developed anal disorders including chronic fissures and hemorrhoids. So here are the things I learned about it:
- Never be too conscious about how often you go to the bathroom, worrying will only make you nervous and in turn increase the chances of getting constipated.
- Never postpone it. Some people can't go in public places for example but my advice is that if you have to just go, cause otherwise you will definitely get constipated, and then you will get stuck in a vicious circle: you're afraid it will hurt so you don't go so the constipation gets worse so your pain gets worse and you're afraid to go again..etc.
- Never ever ever ever strain, do not let yourself strain because you will eventually get anal disorders and I'm telling you it will not be pleasant.
- Watch your fiber intake but don't let it be an obsession, don't worry too much because stress is not your friend
- Try to walk as much as you can.. walk to all the places you are used to drive to, walking works like a charm!
- Fluids, yogurt, fruits are all great but they didn't stop the problem for me. Eventually I resorted to fiber supplements sold at drug stores such as Fybogel to regulate my bowel movement. It really helped a lot and had no side effects whatsoever unlike laxatives which I do not recommend at all. If you feel like you've tried everything like me you can use it for a while.
- I think I got better in time because I started eating more. I wouldn't call myself a picky eater but I definitely could eat more, so if you feel that you don't eat enough some times that is the reason believe it or not.
- Now in case you do develop anal disorders the solution begins from the cause which is clearly constipation, although there are also medicines that can help sooth the pain and make it better, but the solution is always to get rid of constipation once and for all.


Noura said...

Wonderful advice !
Eating dried fruits such as apricots and prunes followed by a large glass of water is very beneficial also..

Doomish said...

Brave post.
I have it on good authority that a large amount of women in jordan have chronic constipation.
As you said, fiber is your friend.

Rain said...

I agree!

You have no idea! this problem is really common but no one admits it lol