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Monday, December 3, 2012
I wanna write about like a million things so I'm just gonna say stuff randomly..
- You know what I love? fancy women stuttering in their heels and wearing too much perfume and makeup, looking at my sneakers with irritation and pronouncing words with extra delicateness, they only know three words in English and they keep repeating them to look cool.. What is so funny though is that they don't even wash their hands, let alone flush, after going to the bathroom.. so cool, right?

- Now this should have probably come first but I don't really know what to say about it, a new era of my life has begun! I am jumping into my new life with everything I've got: excitement, love, fear, passion, and hope.

- It is really funny that people think I exaggerate when I say that we have reached the bottom, when someone like dr Rula Qawas gets fired for that video.. doesn't that give you a clue?! is it really okay to say those words on the street but not on a video?! I'm really glad I never found out what dr Amjad Qursha said about this, I mean I never really liked the guy so it wouldn't be much of a disappointment, but I'd just rather not know.

- I know that the natural reaction for me should be to hate certain people, but they end up just making me feel sorry for hem, do you have any idea how sad, exhausting, and pointless it is to try to impress others and prove yourself to them ALL the time even if it means that you pretend to be someone else? I hope you realize this before you reach a point where you do not recognize who you are anymore.

- I haven't been taking photos and this makes me sad, but I think my camera is the problem, it is just not enough for me anymore!

- I don't know how some people just simply decide to be translators, okay, forget about cultures and general knowledge I'll let those slide.. but when you don't even know proper grammar that is just a joke!

- I'm watching Friends all over again and it is just making me realize how unfunny and unoriginal How I Met Your Mother is!

- I hate to give an advice to people who didn't ask for it but what the hell Egypt? let the guy do something and then you can judge him! I am really not trying to defend him but I really don't think a dictator would try to protect bodies that are elected by people, I think he should be given the chance to do what he thinks is the best for his people and then you can say he sucks. On the other hand, what really irritates me is people who try to idolize him.. you went all the way to topple your dictatorship and have a fairly elected president and you still suck up! come on!

- I want new movieeeeeeees I want all the movies on my to watch list! I'm starting a download party next weekend enshallah! who wants to join me? :)

- I heart my new dress, can't stop looking at it and I wanna wear it the whole time hehehe, I'll post a picture soon

- What do you think about Palestine becoming a non-member state? I personally think it is pointless but I don't know, any thoughts?

- Here is a song


Um Ommar said...

1. استمتعت بقرائة الوصف عبيل ما وصلت لل " فلشد " ههههههههههههههههه

2. بالتوفيق

3. بدك الصراحه الموقف كله كان بخزي
يعني ادارة الجامعه شو خصها بتصرفات دكتوره عندها كان كل همها إنها تنبه المجتمع على ظاهره أصلاتن موجوده ومنتشره
يعني إن غمضو عيونهم,, خلص بطل في تحرش وحكي أوسخ من اللي إنحكى بالفيديو؟؟

هي لنك عن بعض اللي حكاه

Rain said...

1- lol ana ma estamta3t lama fotet el 7mam wraha!

2- thanks :*

3- faith in humanity: lost!

Um Ommar said...

أمانه هالصبيه مابتزكرك ب "سعيد" إلي بفلم ألف مبروك هههههههههه