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Saturday, December 8, 2012
So every time I go to one I remember how much I hate weddings all over again. Yesterday we went to wedding cause my mom and dad made us, I don't wanna complain about the usual stuff cause everyone knows them, but I just wanna rant about stuff like smelly women in ugly dresses pushing you aside so rudely to pass.. you could simply tell me to move bitch!! oh and how about the people who decide to fill your ear with moist and almost hug you when they wanna tell you something! I can hear you just fine when you're outside my personal space! and who says I'm interested in hearing what you have to say anyway? 
Yesterday a relative dragged me (yes dragged me) to the dance floor, which by the way was filled with disgusting steam kind of thing that gave me a nasty coughing fit, and don't get me started on the lighting, I almost had an epilepsy seizure! So after dragging me there in the middle of sweaty jiggly women, she started dancing, I just stood there and asked her if she wanted me to hold her jacket, but she was like "no but can you watch my daughter"!! so I was like hold your horses lady I was just offering to watch clothes not human beings!:/ 
Could people possibly stop throwing their drooling babies on me telling me how cute they are? I'm pretty sure I can appreciate their cuteness from afar!
I'm so mean for saying all of this aren't I? I know but I can't help it! weddings are horrible horrible places that make me just wanna go into a coma!! they also make me wonder how on earth I'll ever be a bride myself! don't wanna picture that, that's for sure! :(
Oh and did I mention that the bride was 15 years old? yup fifteen, five + ten= fifteen  what the hell?! I swear to god I felt like calling social service or something! oh my god when I was fifteen I played with dolls and  watched cartoons, and all I ever cared about was candy and Agatha Christie novels. I just don't get how sane parents could do such thing to their daughter.. it just amazes me!
I hate weddings, I never even wanna go to my own wedding!

PS I laughed my head off at the picture above!


lil-bee said...

LOL sounds like you had an amazing time ;P

Um Ommar said...

الصوره مشعبره وكان لازم أعمل هيك عشان أعرف أعيش

أصلاتن كيف بياخدو أولادهم معاهم ع العرس؟؟
إنتي رايحه تأدي الواجب وإلا تلاعبي إبنك يا شيخه؟؟
بعمررررررررررررررري بحيااااااااااتي ما أخدت أطفالي على عرس أو عزا او زياره لإنه مكانهم بالبيت

والمره الوحيده اللي كانو يحضرو بيوت الفرح بكون لأهلي ومفيش حدن أسيب الأطفال عندهم

ويابطه,, الزواج من جديد بطل للخمستعش والستعش
منيح اللي رجعت هالموضه
بتصدقي بنت 15 و14 كمان بتكون قاتله حالها ع الجيزه كإنه إزا ما تزوجت رح تبور ع ال20؟؟

Z. said...

15? That should not be legal. She's still a child.

Rain said...

Lil bee
You have no idea.

wallah bint el 15 mla7la7ah aktr minny :(

I know!!!