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Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Well I went to see The Hobbit yesterday, and in a a nutshell.. if you love Lord of the Rings you're gonna love this one. Great story, incredible effects, and basically same level of awesomeness as LOTR. The songs at the beginning were a pleasant surprise, and the movie is pretty funny too, I love that I already know and like the characters and throughout the movie I go "oooh, so that's why that happened in LOTR" and stuff like that.. I definitely recommend it.


Haitham Jafar said...

I wouldn`t see it even if إم عمر baked me a special cake!

U`ve changed raino, u`ve changed! :P

I wonder why...

Rain said...


Haitham Jafar said...

ok, u haven`t changed shiklo , that`s good :P
seriously I won`t go see such a (thing)

Rain said...

Your loss v_v

joe said...

Saw it in IMAX 3D. Good but not great. Just plain old 2D would be just fine. First feature film shot in Digital 4K a@48fps. Digital technology finally overtaking 35mm movie making.

Whisper said...

I loved it sooo much... and yes it was very funny too :)


Rain said...

Well I don't know about this stuff hehe, but I did love it, and I usually HATE watching movies in 3D (except animation) but I thought this one was great and it suited it.

My oooooooooooooooown O.O

Noura said...

I saw it over the holidays and loved it as well..You know there are two more movies of the same series to look forward too...One is the to be released the end of 2013 and the other 2014..

and by the way, mabrook el engagement.. Allah ytamem b kheir :)

Rain said...

I know and I'm very excited! :D allah ybarek feeki Noura tislami <3