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Sunday, February 3, 2013
I watched Colorful some time ago, you know the movies that leave nothing inside you? not a single emotion or an idea!..
I don't know.. I guess I mostly thought it was dumb, I mean the basic idea could have been a masterpiece but then the story just disappoints you. 
Now I don't know if there is stuff about reincarnation that I didn't get in the movie, but what I got was shallow to say the least. The story revolves around a spirit who is given a second chance to go back to life in another person's body to make up for a grave sin, and then the spirit/ person learns about the importance of friends, family, forgiveness.. Isn't that too much to go through for the sake of learning such a plane lesson? and the main character oh just ugh I wanted to beat him up.. just a spoiled little brat who's in love with a stupid pretty girl..
So basically I thought a beautiful idea was turned into a somehow incomplete story, not recommended.


Haitham Jafar said...

o laweesh no trailr!

life within lives? renewal of lives..
not my cup of meeramiyeah :)

Rain said...

msh jay 3 bali a7ott trailer eh. mo 7ilo la te7daro habal