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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
I've just seen this image on 9gag. I like it, it is a funny way of looking at what happened this week.. but wait a minute, isn't there something missing? Why is the news about women wanting to pray on the "wailing wall" so important, while the story of a prisoner who has broken the world's record with the longest hunger strike ever for not just a sacred, but also a decades-old cause, not considered a main headline? I am not trying to say that women's rights are not a real or a significant cause, but I think that the records should be set straight when it comes to Al-Buraq wall before discussing stuff like who gets to pray there.. 
Why does the world not know about Samer al-Isawi? what are we doing wrong that the world does not even consider our suffering heroes a news worthy of mentioning? what went wrong?
We do not deserve a hero like Samer, and neither does this world.. 
May God be with you Samer, Ayman, and all heroes that perhaps the world has never and will never hear about..


EvaLuna said...

قضية سامر لفتت النظر لحالة القوادة الي عايشها العالم كله.


Sonnet said...

ادعو الله يفك أسره عن قريب...أحداث العالم العربي و خاصة فلسطين حاليا هي الكاشفة