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Sunday, March 3, 2013
I miss being addicted to a show, and I am crazy about this one because I've always loved evil characters in movies! Get the popcorn and M&Ms, turn on the laptop, close the door, put the piles of clothes on the couch, scratch that last one so that my fiance doesn't see it and make fun of me, and watch Breaking Bad.. oh yeah!


Um Ommar said...

هوه إنتي خطبتي


انا نفسي بجددددددددددد أتابع أو أحضر أو حتى المح شي جديد
ينعن إخص بس :(

Haitham Jafar said...

Never heard of it (i.e. seems good :P)

I think I -still- would like him better in malcolm n the middle :D (I`m a simple man, sho a3mil) haha

chemist - drug dealer - bad guy - wakes up - kill some bad guys - saves the day - goes back to semi-normal life - gets bored OR things get into unexpected turn - goes back to bad business - bad guy - commit some more bad actions - snaps out of it - kills some bad guys - etc etc ..


did I miss anything? Probably not.

Rain said...

ana ja3bali a7dar maraia kollo kollo min awl w jdeed

Rain said...

ma ho that's the trick, he shifts characters like a jacket, I think he is an amazing actor

It is true what you said but watching him break bad was incredible in my opinion

Doomish said...

I bookmarked this post til when i had a chance to view this show...
It is really good, began season 2, got 3,4 queued up!

been a series junkie as of late, top ones i fully watched and i do recommend
Sons of anarchy
Game of thrones (epic book)
House MD