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Friday, March 15, 2013
Today we went on a trip, we had fun and I got to take pictures at last! I cannot remember the last time I took pictures that I was proud of, but I'm very proud of these :)

From underneath my hat :P

Especially this one, I love myself for this one <3


Um Ommar said...

بس أنا بكره شاي الرحلات اللي ع الفحم
أولن بطول ت يخرط
وبطلع طعمه " خشب محروق"
وبكره أعمله وبكره أجلي البريق بس نرجع

وبما إني صار لي كلمه في بيتي ف بطلنا ناخد البريق
واللي بده قهوه إيقوم يعمل ويشرب لحاله

نحنا طلعنا ع الرمثا وإربد
خيااااااااااالي المكان وبرضو إتصورنا بأرض مكنش نفسنا نتركها ونرجع ع عمان :(

Ze2red said...

you are good with lines, hope someday i be as good too :)

Nice pics you got up there ;) hope you enjoyed your trip.

Rain said...

shukran 3doolty <3
ana aslan ma b3rf akol mnee7 bil re7lat b7ess el dobban biakol m3y!

ma sawarty? nshallah tkono enbasa66o kteer :)

Rain said...

Susu al jamilah <3 thanks lovely.
By the way, I've been working with Egyptian news and I feel terrible about what is happening :( I hope everything is going great with you