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Monday, April 29, 2013
I promised myself a while a go not to document negative feelings and sad moments in my blog. But right now it feels like I am all alone and I need to let some of it out.

I had a dream last night. Toto and I were in a class as if we were students again. There was a guy in the back who kept making jokes, also there were fafy girls whispering and making noise, and the teacher was Dr Rinad. I don't know what brought that into my unconscious mind, but it made me miss university and miss the times when everything was simpler and cuter and easier, and you didn't have to be nice to certain people to please them and you didn't have to wear certain things and go to certain places..

I know that this is a dark moment and that I am insistingly staring at the empty half of the glass, but right now all I want is to be 19 again sitting on our special bench outside the faculty of languages and laughing my heart out with my friends.

Yesterday was the last day at my job. I already miss my friends there.. and my office.. and even Shaheen!


نيسآان said...

meen shaheen?!

Rain said...

He is this horrible person at work that I used to pick on all the time

Charmed said...

:( I cannot even think about it... you have left the office, but I am thinking that one morning I will see you there.. There are many things that I have shared with you and I don't think that anyone can take your place, my best colleague.. Wish you the best of luck at your new job, I know that you will wow them..

EvaLuna said...

Oskoti , yesterday I was crossing Jeser El zira3a and I saw the university form above, it suffocated me.
I would pay a fortune just to go back to being a JU Spanish and English student with you ,,, mesh momken el7aya tkoon a7la ,,,, effft , we sound like 3awajeez!

Rain said...

enshallah ya rab tozbot el 5ottah hl2!

w now they are closing Sarena.. yalla nmoot