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Sunday, April 7, 2013
You know that moment when you're driving in Amman and you feel like you've turned into a complete asshole? when you start cursing everyone you lay eyes on, and when you, for no good reason, decide you will never ever let anyone pass through even if it it means you cause a car accident, and when you feel like you're in a competition with the other drivers around you to prove who can get there faster, and when you feel like you have to prove you are a good driver even though you are a girl. I think most of us, if not all, are familiar with this feeling. You just have to feel this way at some point if you're gonna drive in Amman.
I hate myself sometimes while driving, but there is something about driving in Jordan that just makes you turn into a scumbag the moment you get behind the wheel.. I swear to God! 
Anyway, I was thinking of some things you could do to keep yourself from getting angry while driving.
1. Listen to your favorite music. I don't know about other people bu that always helps me stay calm and enjoy myself while driving. 
2. Give a ride to someone. Again it will keep you calm and make the time pass faster. Unless you're driving someone you hate of course, then, you'll probably get someone killed.
3. Play a game. I do this when I'm stuck in traffic jam. For example I count the number of people picking their noses(for some reason Jordanian people feel like this is the best time to do that task). Or for example count the Kia Sephia's or the Mitsubishi Lancer's..
4. Leave early. Do not underestimate this advice, it can change your whole ride to work, trust me.

Hope these tips help. they certainly helped me. Drive safely! :)


EvaLuna said...

I might be going to Cairo for an internship and I am already whining about the crowd and the traffic.

Today I waited for a bus for almost 45 minutes among all the sexually repressed guys of wast el balad and I thought "if only I had a car" but now as I read this I know that the other side of the lawn is as begal3e6 as this one :p

Finalway said...

i know that feeling :(

Um Ommar said...

يختي أنا بحس السواقه أحسن عملية بتخليني أضل أستغفر عن اخطائي وذنوبي
كل ما يجي محترم إيزمر أو يكسر أو يشوبرلي ,, كنت بالأول أسكت وأعدي وأخليه يمرك مع إبتسامه صفرا

هساعيات لو يطلع براسه شجره,,لو باكل مخالفة سرعة وبتمسنكي سيارة الأمانه وبتلاحقني خمس دوريات منيس إمرقاه للمحترم اللي بسبب أو بده يتجاوز وأنا محشوره لأربع سيارات قدامي

أستغفر الله بس

Rain said...

y3ny kollo at3as min b3do!


el swa2a fel ordon bet3allem el ensan ykoon saiie2!