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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I would have had a shred of sympathy with these Femen women if they knew anything about repression. These women represent one of the things I despise most  in the world: spoiled, pampered little princesses who know nothing about suffering trying to act like they have a cause.. I would tolerate that if they had chosen a way other than popping their naked boobs in public.. what an ugly, disgusting scene.. I honestly feel ashamed as a woman.
What do you know about repression? The fact that you chose this method to demonstrate proves that you know absolutely nothing!

You demonstrate against using your bodies as an object, and yet you yourselves are using them to promote your ideas! don't you think this will encourage people to objectify you? and you deserve it by the way.

You know what I think? I think these women know nothing about repression. I think they just wanna get naked in public and pretend it's for a good cause, and ironically, it doesn't change anything. in fact it makes everything worse. This will only make an opportunity for oppressors to point and say: Is that what you want? is that why you demand your rights? 

And last but not least, a girl Amina's age would have been called a child or a minor if she would have been married, but see how standards change? she's old enough for this?


Doomish said...

The thought of being topless is absurd to me.
however (regarding the Tunisian case) to be honest i respect what she have done.

being friends with many people that do frequent work in tunisia, the civil liberties, the equality, the quality of life with regards to women before the revolution was that of a "civilized western/European countries" .
now under the new regime they are being thrown back to the dark ages.

having faith/religion alongside political power gave them moral superiority that is being used to suppress the faithless, squash the existing liberties, and define it the way the want.

i really never heard/saw of a topless Tunisian girl before the revolution, did you?

Rain said...

You may have a point but this is not the right way in my opinion.