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Thursday, April 4, 2013
Way too many for me to talk about, not just in my life but in the world and everything... I have so much to say and so little time on my hands right now.
I am planning for my wedding+post-wedding stuff (holy falafel!). I'll have you all know that I currently own a set of spoons, forks, dishes, pans, and pots! I have no idea what I am going to do with them but anyway.. 
I'm booking a place for my wedding very soon, I cannot express how annoying, exhausting, and pointless it is to look for a place for one's wedding. Again, Why must we torment ourselves so??..

Now for the big news, I, the gorgeous and equally intelligent Rain, got a job offer to work with Forbes Middle East, thank you very much :) I have always dreamed of working at a well-known respected organization, and here it is! the chance to work for such big name is a dream come true al-hamdulillah. It was incredibly difficult for me to take the decision of leaving my current job, but having the Saturdays off at the new job worked like a charm at making me feel immediately better. 

What else is going on? oh yeah, today I watched Evil Dead. why, oh, why did I do such  thing to myself? I was scared shitless, pardon my French, but it was absolutely terrifying, or I am a wuss according to my fiance :(
On the other hand, I watched The Croods the other day and meant to writer a review about it. It was wonderful, hilarious, and truly lovely. See why I love animation movies? they leave me feeling great about everything, not scared to sleep alone for a week!

Okay, have I started blabbing yet? It is really late and I am exhausted and still have a big day tomorrow. Wish me luck dear blog. I won't be long for I have tons of things to talk about soon.

I leave you with a number of photos taken with my phone camera recently. Some are a bit old.

I am a fan of bizir..

My engagement dress before unpacking

I am gonna miss you both :)

Owl love with Shurooq!

one of my colleagues drinks this much of flavored yogurt every single day!

the dress I wore to 2raiet fate7ty (there is noway I can translate that)

My famous vegetables soup before making, I can eat 10 bowls of it in a row!

My really weird drunk smurf hoodie

Workers resting on a cliff 0_O

It was a beautiful day

Nighty night :*


Haitham Jafar said...

90, 90

lil-bee said...

Omg thats amazing on the job :D congrats!!!

Charmed said...

Sara I will miss you more, there are many things, which I have shared with you, and you do not know how much they meant to me :) I know that we will see each other every now and then, but I will miss all the gossips and laughs we had.. I wish you the best of luck at Forbes you really deserve it dear .. Love you

Rain said...


Rain said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much! :)

Rain said...

You're gonna make me cry, yalla ma nfakker fel mwdoo3 la 7ad ma traw7y 3al ordon
a3adet a7ky with your chair yesterday by the way, w shaheen misses you he asked me when you will come back
Love you :*** take photos, write blog posts, and facebook about everything, I want details ^_^

Haitham Jafar said...

nighty = 90 (for the zillionth time :P)
I read what u wrote yday and I guess u were juuuust posting it as it appeared n my blogger page while refreshing it before closing my laptop. Hence the quick reply (90)

In any case, congrats for the job, I never knew we had an office in MENA, is it located in Amman?
و مبروك الطناجر
I guess :-D

Rain said...

I still don't understand, sho y3ny "u were juuuust posting it as it appeared n my blogger page while refreshing it before closing my laptop" ? 0_O leh btesta5dem 6oroq ghreebeh lal 7aky?

Thanks, they are located in Dubai and I am going to be working with the office in Amman
hadool el 6anajer mshan a6bo5 manasef aslatan -_-

Haitham Jafar said...

لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله

أنا لازم أعيش ب 1920ات مشان أنفهم!
يا ستي
المقصد كان

هيثم يلمح تدوينة جديدة
من رين
و يلاحظ بذكاء أنها قد لا ترد لفترة لأنها مشغولة
الوقت متأخر
-أظن كان بعد نص ليل بالأردن وقتها-
هو الآخر سيختفي عن المدونات لفترة
أبيش لوحة مفاتيح بالعربي وقتها

فكتب تعليق سريع
مليح هيك :)

(and yes, haitham still has stock of vanity available to refer to himself in the 3rd person singular):P


بس تتعلمي تاكلي المنسف بالأول بعدها بنشوف

*قلبي عليك متقطع يا محمد.. كلو تايك أوي أول 3-4 سنين*

Um Ommar said...

مبروك ع الشغل الجديد
تتهني فيه يارب

وشغلة العرس,, بجد بجد الله يكون بعونك

بظل أتساعل
لويه ما نكون ببساطه الناس اللي قبلنا
صيوان ع السطح
كم ذبيحة
علب بيبسي
ومبروك يا عروسه هي نقوطك؟

وصدقيني ,, صدقيني لو أخدتي كل المعازيم ع حسابكم
ع جزر المادليف
وعلمتي عرسك هناك
وإنتي اللي نقطتيهم
إلا إيعلقو إنه العرس كان ناقصه " قهوه أبو العبد" ههههههههه


تبيعي البلوزة ع خرابها

Rain said...

LOOOOOL 3n jd msh m32ool sho sa77!
el bloozeh msh lal bee3 bs shaw6y 3laiha iza bedek