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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Friday, May 31, 2013
I think it is very hard for me to like a certain restaurant or coffee shop, and I am not the type that cares about all the details and wants everything to be sparkling in order to be satisfied. I just like the places that attract me with their simplicity and genuine atmosphere of comfort, I hate coffee shops that try to impose this comfort by scattering some luxurious couches around and having the waiter tell you his name before he starts taking your order.
And so there is this little cute place near the university campus called "Sarena"  where we used to eat when we were in college, I have never seen it crowded but perhaps that is the best thing about it. We kept on going there even though we all graduated. and even though I did not make friends with the guys there as much as the other girls did, but I've always felt comfortable going there, we would eat there as if we were still at campus, and the thing is we always ate fettuccine, I can only remember a couple of times I ordered something different. Anyway, their food is delicious, and they are very nice.

They are closing Sarena very soon, and that's just sad, not just because I loved it and loved its food but because it means an end to an era.. there will no longer be "let's go have fettuccine at Sarena" anymore. There will be "where shall we eat?" instead.

Bye-bye Sarena!
My brother likes hunting, however this gorgeous creature was still alive when he brought it! poor thing was very scared and kept roaming around our garden

 This was right outside work where I was parking, there is a lot of dandelions around the area and yes I love dandelions!

My drawer at the new job looks sad :( the lighter is not mine lol

My fiance driving into the sunset hahahaha..

I adore my ring <3

Instagraming outside Waffle House

A colorful evening at our garden

Me taking a photo of my fiance taking a photo, photo-ception :)

Size difference

I was wrong, THIS was the last rainy day we got, and it was beautiful 

Vanilla sky on the day Rasha got married

Patterns on my dress

My mother in law is incredibly crafty, she made a couple of infant jackets from scratch and this is one of them. It is supposed to be for my future son 0_O a bit creepy but sweet

Also outside work

My sister's birthday

Friday, May 24, 2013
I've been at my new job for three whole weeks now, they passed so fast.
I think I'm happy with it so far, you do what you are told to do and they give you feedback. The article are so much fun to translate, and everything is going smoothly. However and for certain reasons I have worked from home this week and last week, and it was dreadful! When the team leader told me I was going to be working from home for a while I was like -_- (poker face), and he said what is the matter you don't look very happy!
Oh if he only knows.. when I stay at home and in front of my laptop screen almost all day I turn into a caveman.. I stop moving I stop eating I stop working I stop brushing my hair.. I just become a super lazy brainless person who wants to play candy crush and not talk to anyone.. I am not a home material!

So, al-hamdulillah this was the last day I work from home, and on Sunday I am going to get back to my still-looks-unfriendly-to-me-but-it's-okay office

On another subject, I want a dog.. yes yes a dog! I adore dogs, they are sweet and loving and fun and silly and make you feel important, but I don't think that wish is gonna be fulfilled any time soon :(

What else? my sister is about to get engaged, that is so weird and yet expected, maybe I feel it is weird because I cannot bear the thought of traditional marriage... a moment of awkward silence?..

I have chosen an idea for my wedding dress and I am very excited about the execution :) but truth be said I'm freaking out a little bit about the who marriage thing.. who wouldn't, right?.. right??

Ramadan is on its way and God I am dreading it.. sorry God :( but it is so hot and sticky and I know I am gonna miss my giant water jug at work, I am so eating a drinking everything I see before Ramadan.. yes this is the plan, good plan!

I have so much to do and all I am doing is whining about it, let's get down to business!
Friday, May 17, 2013
I have chosen the very first item in my future home!!!!!

I already own a set of utensils, but my mother in law was the one who chose and both them for us, so this is practically the first thing I choose for my home. 
My mom had bought these tiny pressure jars from a small cute shop in Marj al-Hamam and used them to store spices. I thought they were nice and useful, and asked her to get me some, and now I have 5.. can you believe it? this is the first item I choose for my home (have I said that too many times?)

It feels so weird.. I am growing up!

Monday, May 13, 2013
Is it politically incorrect to call them ghettos? well they are, and I actually grew up in one so I should know. 

By the way, I am very thankful I grew up in a ghetto, I think it made me way tougher than I could have become if I grew up in our current fafy area. It used to be very dear to me.. before I started hating Jordan and everything about it. 

When we moved out from our old house I cried my eyes out everyday for months. I just could not get over the fact that I cannot play in the street covered in mud, walk my way to school, or listen to people's noises all the time. Now, it is different.

For a long time, I wanted to own a traditional vintage thobe, Jordanian or Palestinian no difference. I have always thought they are the most beautiful things anyone could wear, and I am crazy about traditional attires in general. So, I asked my mom to get me a genuine vintage thobe, and she called one of her friends to ask where we can get one. 

My mom's friend, one of the kindest people you can ever meet, said that she wants to give me her own dress! my mom said okay thank you, and we set out on a journey to our good old neighborhood.
It was very hard for me to miss it on our way there, the terrible traffic, people's shitty driving, and the horrific streets made me hate life itself. But once we have arrived, I could see that the house was on top of a mountain with an incredible view of Amman

Her house was so little and gorgeous, its sunny windows and embroidered decorations made my whole childhood rush into my head like a storm of butterflies. The smells, sounds, and colors were all so captivating, I just kept staring at everything, but was too shy to take photos.
Anyway, then the kind khalto got the dress for me, and it was gorgeous :)

My mom asked her friend where she got the dress, and she said that her sister made it for her before she passed away from cancer! that was so sad. I told her there is no way I could take it, but she said she loved to see us happy more than she loved the dress, and that this was my wedding gift :') How often can you find people who are this kind and generous? honestly.. it is not about the dress, it is about how some people find it so important to make others happy. There is still some good in this world :)