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Friday, May 17, 2013
I have chosen the very first item in my future home!!!!!

I already own a set of utensils, but my mother in law was the one who chose and both them for us, so this is practically the first thing I choose for my home. 
My mom had bought these tiny pressure jars from a small cute shop in Marj al-Hamam and used them to store spices. I thought they were nice and useful, and asked her to get me some, and now I have 5.. can you believe it? this is the first item I choose for my home (have I said that too many times?)

It feels so weird.. I am growing up!


Um Ommar said...


Rain said...

hay ebtesameh shreera?

Um Ommar said...

لا والله إبتسامة فرحة كانت

Rain said...