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Monday, May 13, 2013
Is it politically incorrect to call them ghettos? well they are, and I actually grew up in one so I should know. 

By the way, I am very thankful I grew up in a ghetto, I think it made me way tougher than I could have become if I grew up in our current fafy area. It used to be very dear to me.. before I started hating Jordan and everything about it. 

When we moved out from our old house I cried my eyes out everyday for months. I just could not get over the fact that I cannot play in the street covered in mud, walk my way to school, or listen to people's noises all the time. Now, it is different.

For a long time, I wanted to own a traditional vintage thobe, Jordanian or Palestinian no difference. I have always thought they are the most beautiful things anyone could wear, and I am crazy about traditional attires in general. So, I asked my mom to get me a genuine vintage thobe, and she called one of her friends to ask where we can get one. 

My mom's friend, one of the kindest people you can ever meet, said that she wants to give me her own dress! my mom said okay thank you, and we set out on a journey to our good old neighborhood.
It was very hard for me to miss it on our way there, the terrible traffic, people's shitty driving, and the horrific streets made me hate life itself. But once we have arrived, I could see that the house was on top of a mountain with an incredible view of Amman

Her house was so little and gorgeous, its sunny windows and embroidered decorations made my whole childhood rush into my head like a storm of butterflies. The smells, sounds, and colors were all so captivating, I just kept staring at everything, but was too shy to take photos.
Anyway, then the kind khalto got the dress for me, and it was gorgeous :)

My mom asked her friend where she got the dress, and she said that her sister made it for her before she passed away from cancer! that was so sad. I told her there is no way I could take it, but she said she loved to see us happy more than she loved the dress, and that this was my wedding gift :') How often can you find people who are this kind and generous? honestly.. it is not about the dress, it is about how some people find it so important to make others happy. There is still some good in this world :)


نيسآان said...

how kind and loving <3
تتهني يا رب و تلبسيه بالفرح دايماً

هاد جبل التاج؟؟؟

Whisper said...

مبروك يا قمر و تهريه بالمناسبات الحلوه يا رب :)
اللي زي هاي الخالتو قربو ينقرضو و فعلا بمكان سكنا هلا ما حد بعرف حد و لكن بيتنا القديم لهلا بنزور بعض احنا و جيرانا هناك :)

Doomish said...

Ghettos? Rain, your talking about 80% of jordan :)

Charmed said...

I know how much you wanted this thobe and finally you got it :) Congrats sweetie you will look gorgeous wearing this vintage thobe :)

The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualaikum Dear,

This is so touching, I want to cry. Allahu Akbar for all those kind people. they remind me of how Rasulullah was....SubhanAllah....

Rain said...

thanks and yes! :)

You are right, bs sra7a fi 3amman lama tshoof el tanaqod bain el a7ia2 el ghaneiieh wel faqeerah bet7ess ino jd these are ghettos!


The Black Jubah,