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Friday, May 31, 2013
My brother likes hunting, however this gorgeous creature was still alive when he brought it! poor thing was very scared and kept roaming around our garden

 This was right outside work where I was parking, there is a lot of dandelions around the area and yes I love dandelions!

My drawer at the new job looks sad :( the lighter is not mine lol

My fiance driving into the sunset hahahaha..

I adore my ring <3

Instagraming outside Waffle House

A colorful evening at our garden

Me taking a photo of my fiance taking a photo, photo-ception :)

Size difference

I was wrong, THIS was the last rainy day we got, and it was beautiful 

Vanilla sky on the day Rasha got married

Patterns on my dress

My mother in law is incredibly crafty, she made a couple of infant jackets from scratch and this is one of them. It is supposed to be for my future son 0_O a bit creepy but sweet

Also outside work

My sister's birthday


Um Ommar said...

كل صوره إلها حكاية لحاااااااااااااالها

Rain said...

bs ma fi sowar Chucky :P