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Friday, May 31, 2013
I think it is very hard for me to like a certain restaurant or coffee shop, and I am not the type that cares about all the details and wants everything to be sparkling in order to be satisfied. I just like the places that attract me with their simplicity and genuine atmosphere of comfort, I hate coffee shops that try to impose this comfort by scattering some luxurious couches around and having the waiter tell you his name before he starts taking your order.
And so there is this little cute place near the university campus called "Sarena"  where we used to eat when we were in college, I have never seen it crowded but perhaps that is the best thing about it. We kept on going there even though we all graduated. and even though I did not make friends with the guys there as much as the other girls did, but I've always felt comfortable going there, we would eat there as if we were still at campus, and the thing is we always ate fettuccine, I can only remember a couple of times I ordered something different. Anyway, their food is delicious, and they are very nice.

They are closing Sarena very soon, and that's just sad, not just because I loved it and loved its food but because it means an end to an era.. there will no longer be "let's go have fettuccine at Sarena" anymore. There will be "where shall we eat?" instead.

Bye-bye Sarena!


Charmed said...

Jad, they are closing it? lesh 6yb I love their fettuccine it is the best :(

Rain said...

I know :( w ra7t ayam lama konna notlob 3al shoghol :(