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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
This is my 700th post, and instead of celebrating it I am just going to waste it on a rant, here we go:
Dear people, could you stop being such drama queens? and if you absolutely have to, could you do it away from me? I can barely take my own drama!
Why don't people just take a choice.. just decide what you want instead of wining!
You know you are taking a wrong decision, you a re certain, but you don't wanna back down, so you come to me for reassurance, but guess what? I am not gonna agree and support you in this, so stop trying to make me responsible for it, every time you wine to me about the wrong step you are taking I am gonna say the same thing and my opinion will not change, so why don't you just take your drama and terrible decision and get out of my head, and when I say that you are ruining your life don't take it out on me, you were the one who asked for it, if you think my opinions are that negative just stop asking me for them, that would be great for both of us, trust me..

Word of advice: If you're gonna insist on making a bad decision, do it quietly without trying to justify it or convince people that it is right. Thank you.


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