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Friday, August 9, 2013
I've been feeling down lately. I keep thinking how much I will miss home and count every "last thing" I do there: my last Ramadan, my last eid, my last summer.. etc. My parents, my sisters, my room, our garden, our living room, our trees, eating the first almond in the spring from our tree, talking to my mom in the morning before I leave to work..but wait stop, this is not the point of this post, I wanna write about all the things I won't miss, and maybe I'll feel a bit better.

He are some stuff I won't miss:
- My sisters' gossip. Although I have a feeling this will never stop. They try to engage me in this gossip but I fail to have any interest.
- My sister borrowing my stuff: She keeps borrowing them and does not return them, I hate that!
- Living in the middle of nowhere: Although I will miss the quietness and beautiful views :(
- Fighting with my mom and dad over the fact that "I don' eat enough" although I think I am gonna have the same fights with my fiance and parents in law -_-
- Driving my mom 3 times a day to buy stuff: each time she forgets something and we have to go again -_-

That doesn't make me feel better, it actually does the exact opposite :(

Two months and two days...


Whisper said...

ليش بتحكي كانك ناوية تتزوجي و تهاجري للقطب الجنوبي

بحب احكيلك ان الحياه راح تتغير اكيد و في اولويات جديده راح تدخل حياتك و لكن في اشياء ما راح تتغير و اهمها ان اختك راح تضلها تستقرض اغراضك ويمكن اكتر من قبل :)

لا جد كل اللي كتبتيه ممكن تعمليه وراح تعمليه حتى بعد ما تتزوجي وراح تعمليه بحب اضعاف الحب القبل و حتستمتعي فيه اكتر من قبل

الله يتمملكم على خير ياااااا رب
لا تفكري ولا تحبطي ان شاء الله كل الخير جاي بالايام القادمه
استمتعي بكل دقيقه هلا :)

EvaLuna said...

This is suffocating!! keef low ennek ray7a tetjawwazi wa7ad jawaz taklidi sho kan sar?
I am freaking out about it as well, laish heek eeeeeh!!!

Charmed said...

That brought tears to my eyes :'( This reminds me of your last days at the office :( Goodbyes are always sad! But you should think about your future with your beloved one :)

نيسآان said...

حزنتيني :( منك لله

...بس خلينا نشوف النص المليان من الكاسه
الدكاتره مناوباتهم كتيره وحتقضي وقت عند
اهلك اكتر ما حتقضيه ببيتك
الله يتمملكم على خير يا رب
كل عام وانتي بخير

Um Ommar said...

نيسانه أبدعت بمواساتك بصراحة

بجد إنتي رح تتزوجي مش رح تهاجري
وتخافيش,, اختك رح تضل تستعير أغراضاتك وللأسف ما رح ترجعهم :(