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Saturday, September 14, 2013
I know I should not let this get to me but somehow I do.. As if the pressure of this gigantic new step is not enough for me.. everyone is adding pressure in their own different ways! I know they don't mean it and they all just want the best for me, but right now I am wishing I can skip this remaining month and just go to my honeymoon while everything has magically passed along. And please don't tell me I am gonna miss these days! I will miss living with my family and all the other details but I will not miss ALL PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO ABOUT EVERY FREAKIN' THING!
Don't get that dress, go to that stylist, do the curtains this way like I did, I don't like this, this is not pretty enough, it is not good enough, don't, wait, hurry... 
Some may not believe it but I hate being the center of attention, especially that I am constantly evaluated during that.. aaand the money is a completely different story. do not get me started!

Speaking of the devil, I was thinking the other day and I decided that I do not wanna be rich.. I mean I do not believe people who say that money cannot buy happiness..it does to a certain level in my opinion, but I think that I always wanna be at least a bit poor.. I want to want things badly and not be able to have all of them, you know? what does it mean if you can get just any car you pick or like? I think eventually it stops being a big deal and you don't really feel thrilled about it, that's why I don't wanna be rich.. I wanna be able to enjoy the moments where I get something really nice that I've wanted for a while. But what does this have to do with anything anyway..

So back to the wedding, I picked out the dress, booked the salon, and pretty much got the biggest things done. My house is super cute and I have many ideas and plans for decorating it :) I want to enlarge some of the photos I took that I am proud of and hang them there, and I have lots of other ideas.. 

Oh God, can I sleep and wake up after this is all over?


Haitham Jafar said...

Weddings r for every1 except the bride & groom
fact of life! Deal with it and move on :) :supportive smiley: