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Sunday, November 10, 2013
Oh boy, this is gonna be a long post
Hello, what's up? I miss it here, but my life has been a bit crazy cause you know I got married and what not. 
A lot of people ask me what is marriage like? and I honestly don't know what to answer, I don't know what marriage is.. not yet at least, I just know that I'm happy and loved and thankful for it.
My life has yet to take a certain pattern, but I think it will soon. It was hard for me I'm not gonna lie, I still feel like "going home" and sleeping in my bed and having nothing to worry about, but all of that is part of growing up I suppose.
My honeymoon was the most beautiful seven days in my life. I cannot help but look at the pictures again and again every once in a while just to remember those amazing feelings. I took a zillion photos and I just cannot decide which ones to post here for the monthly photographic diary post.

I think I'm gonna revive my old label "cooking" cause I've been doing some of that lately. I'll be uploading photos just cause I'm so proud. I find cooking easy and fun, and I love having cooked an amazing meal. It feels great.

My wedding was a blast. I was just simply happy! To be honest I hardly remember any details. But I remember a number of moments. First, the moment when I looked in the mirror and thought "Boy, I look super pretty" second, when I heard the drums outside our house.. my heart was ON THE FLOOR, they were coming for me.. literally HAHAHA. Another moment when we left the hall and headed home.. a whole new different home!! All in between was fun, dancing, photos, laughter, and craziness.

But now we're back to reality and back to our jobs.. it's not always rainbows and butterflies :p
I may go on a trip to Dubai for a couple of days soon, but I still don't know for sure.
I feel like there is much more I wanted to talk about but I cannot remember now. Well, here is a song

Here it is, October.. with all its beauty, and I'm just picking my favorites here:


Shrouk said...

الف مبروك
ربنا يسعدكم ويهنيكم :)

Haitham Jafar said...

Coming for me! haha - liked that one.

It`s not all rainbows but -somehow- it is even beyond that! (in beauty)
U have to worry but it is weird because u WANT to, sa7? :)
for both of you and may you lead a wonderful joint-forced life :)

so long!

EvaLuna said...

Those were the days my fried <3 <3 <3

نيسآان said...

مبروووك يا بطه ...الله يسعدكم ويهنيكم على طول
يالله اعطينا صور وطبخات ... وعم بدعيلك انه حماسك للطبيخ يضل هيك كمان

Um Ommar said...

وياااااااااارب تضلو مبسوطين على طوووووووووووول

Um Ommar said...

توقعت يكون في فيونك ع البدلة
والبدلة سووووووووووووبر خياااااااااااالييييييييييييييييييييييه

بجد حبيتها

Rain said...

Thanks so much <3

I refuse to say goodbye. You are going to regret this decision I tell you.


dally ed3eeli <3 thank you s much <3

Um Ommar
3adooleh :(
wenek?!! bala bia5a reactivate your FB account!
iza 7awaleeki 7ad yeshtareeha oleely, haiha marmeiieh fo2 el 5azaneh -_-

Rain said...

Um Omar
masa7t el comment el tany mo 3n ased!
allah ywaffe2ha, jd jay 3 balo el wa7d yor2os! :) iza bedha ay nasa2e7 oleely sort 5ebra :d

Um Ommar said...

مش بس تتنيل توافق الأول

نورنياتي said...

raito 2llllllllllllllf mobarak 3alaiky w allah yoktoblek kol al 5air :yai:
i know eni met2a5reh :mal5oom: bs jad fre7telek :hug: