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Friday, January 10, 2014
Something weird is happening.. I think I do not like winter anymore. I think I'm sick and tired of being cold all the time, too lazy to do my chores cause it's freezing, stuck on the couch in my living room all the time, and wearing several layers of clothes, while shivering, every morning before going to work. It has just become too hard for me to like it! and Amman's shitty roads aren't helping either.

Last month, we were stuck at home for about 10 days because of the snow, it was nice until we just ran out of things to eat and movies to watch! This is why most pictures this month are either of snow or food. I gained weight by the way, hope you're happy mom!

I got a new job, better hours and better pay, I'm happy but very nervous and worried, I hope everything goes well. I change jobs way too often don't I? as I always say to people, especially at interviews, I never planned for this to happen, it just did. I start on 26th of January.

Today I complete three months of marriage, best thing I ever did :) My husband and I have so much planned and we're hoping for the best. By the way, I am not even gonna talk about people who keep asking me if I am pregnant or planning on getting pregnant anytime soon.. I think this is too dumb to even mention, I cannot imagine why people feel like they can tell me what to do especially about something like this, it is just beyond me.

Have you ever read a book and then when you finished it you wished you could forget it so you can read it again and have the same feelings over and over again? I miss this feeling.

Well, this is all I have for now. Here is December:


Um Ommar said...

مبروك زيادة الوزن
اه ماما مبسوطه هههههههههههه

مبروك الشغل الجديد
كل ما دورتي وماقدمتي تنازلات كل ما إرتحتي

بالنسبه للدفا,, حاولي دايمن إشربي أشيائات دافيه وغيري نوعية لبسك

بي إس
ما تنهمي للناس " شو مش حامل" لإنه هاي أول الطريق للتقزيز

رح يبلش بعدها
متى الولاده
شو النوع
شو ناوين تسمو
من وين جهزتو
شو بدك هديه
متى نيجي

متى رح تحملي مره تانيه؟

وهلمه جره :)

Rain said...

الله يبارك فيكي عال2، بالنسبة للشغل رح أبلش الأحد وخفان عقلي :(
أما بالنسبة للدفا فهاليومين كانوا مناح الحمدلله، حتى طلع عنا عشب أخضر

مش مهتمة، بس الموضوع صار قديم، يعني فش عندهم اشي تاني يحكوا فيه

المهم كيفك انتي

Um Ommar said...

العشب أجا بوقته أنا بقول

أخرتهم يبلشولك ع وتر تاني
إستني ع رزقك


وكيفك,, قال عم بقولو صار عندك ولاد
أنا والله كنت مفكرتك برات البلاااااااااااااااااااااااد