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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Monday, September 1, 2014
The other night I was going home from Toto's house when someone hit my car and ran off.. it was so quick I couldn't believe it, they were parking and decided to just take off without looking in the mirrors.. without signal lights.. nothing, and I was the unlucky driver passing by. I parked a couple of meter ahead, and just one I began to fathom what had happened they had run off, I know it is extremely stupid but I suddenly burst into tears like an idiot, and it's not about the accident itself, it wasn't that serious and my car isn't exactly a spotless Ferrari, but I just hated everything so immensely at that moment and felt that I could do nothing about it, I swear to God if the driver had been decent enough to just park and talk to me I would have just told them to forget about it, but in this country you can just get away with everything.. I mean EVERYTHING. I forgot about the whole thing but I still NEED to travel so badly, I need a break from this incredibly sick society that I must live in, a society that feels free to deny people their right to do whatever the hell they want and then thinks it is any better that ISIS.

Today I did an interview for a small translation job with IRD, I hope it works out because I'll get to visit Za'tari Camp, I expect it will be hard work, but I would love to have this experience.

Lately, I've been trying to reevaluate my thoughts and beliefs, I think that for a while now, I haven't been as objective and rational as I would want to be, and I feel like I need to take a huge step back and look at the big picture.. see where I'm standing, I believe that one of the most important things that everyone should pay attention to (if they want to be true to themselves) is realizing when you are unintentionally looking at some facts and neglecting others, and then looking for the reasons behind that.

I am currently watching American Horror Story.. you would think I'd grow out of my addiction to horror themed shows and movies, but I just won't :D I am reading مهزلة العقل البشري which I'm loving, because it is just so direct, and I want something direct.. I'm too lazy to think after a day at work.

We are saving to go to Athens on Eid vacation, I sooo badly wanna go and hope we don't stumble into additional expenses, so I hereby pledge to restrain my impulsive shopping and other unnecessary fasganeh :DD here we come Athens!!.. well, maybe.. probably!

I am currently using my mother's technique in typing which is using one finger because I'm eating ice cream.. and getting the laptop sticky, I should get ready to go to bed.. or couch actually because my husband is on call and I'm too scared to sleep in the bedroom alone :(
Oh, and I wanted to remind myself about writing my bucket list later, although I think all the points on it will be "visiting [insert country name]" :D

I'll be back, goodnight for now.