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Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Ohhhh my Gooooddd!! I still have a blog! this wasn't just a weird dream I once had!
Yessss I am ready to get back.. definitely.. probably :/

So, what makes me wanna blog now? well, it's Harry Potter..
It's just that I've been thinking a lot about my childhood lately, and it makes me really sad, I know I was so much luckier than millions of children in the world who had no home or food, but it does bother me sometimes.. you know, Arab kids, most of them I mean, are different from other kids, particularly kids of the first world, you see, our talents aren't a big deal, our interests are trivial things in life, and our wishes cannot go beyond getting good grades and getting married. One summer when I was seven I found a couple of mystery books at our house and I read them, and at that moment something miraculous happened to me.. a light had shined in my heart and mind.. the discovery of reading was my salvation and I loved it.. obsessed about it really, but I wasn't allowed to buy new books because my parents couldn't afford it, so I spent school days devouring the pathetically poor school library, and summer vacation re-reading the few books I had at home, I remember reading one 7 times.
I just feel like I missed on so much.. so many books I could have read, so many worlds I could have discovered, and there is still a hole in my heart that I can only fill with books that I longed to read as a kid, and this is why I am now reading the Harry Potter series with great determination, enthusiasm, and pleasure. I feel like I am the same child who gazed at books being sold on the sidewalk in Wast al-Balad so many years ago, and now I got the treasure I have always longed for: 7 books of fantasy and adventure! happiness itself ladies and gentlemen!
You know, this is one of the things that terrify me about having a child one day, what if I can't give them everything they want? what if they grow up feeling like they have missed on something huge like I did? I don't think I could live with myself if they do.

Off to continue reading, and by the way once I'm finished I am gonna read LOTR and Hunger Games :)

Good night ;)